Tuesday, 5 January 2010

What only a wtf moment can bring about

I never enjoy being unhappy. This is the year however, when on a very personal level, I am to leave a whole decade behind. So some records need to be straightened.

I know myself a bit now, I know I still react to most things instinctively; that left to my own devices, I will often surpass my own expectations; that now I think not so much with my heart, but sometimes genuinely think too; but that with all the thinking behind me, I would still behave in very reckless and foolhardy ways most of the time.

Those that I labelled mistakes, were actually lessons learnt. Although I still adapt and butt my head against immovable walls, often both at the same time, sometimes I surprise myself by getting up and moving on. Often when I least expect it.

Most of all, I love me. I realise, given all the fuck-ups, weirdness, insanity, hysteria, laughter, joy and vindication, I would not change one tiny thing about who I am and what I have been. Because, summing it all up, I am actually a pretty decent person. And that makes it quite nice being me.

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jasodhara said...

Life becomes much easier and better when we realise that most of the battles we had been waging were not with others but with parts of our own selves.