Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Restricted viewing

Right next to the wide screen telly, is a huge wide window. I never watch the television when I am alone at home all day. Which is often. I do stare out of the window though, and from where I sit, I  can see the sky and a great many tree-tops. 

Sometimes, I am where I am. An English public school, winding roads with red coloured door-bearing houses, fluffy dogs on leashes and assorted people dotting the hillside - sometimes lovers, sometimes solitary guitarists.

When the sky is cloudy and overcast, I am in Coorg. Waiting for pork vandicurry as rally cars roar by.

This summer, there have been many clear days though. They have taken me to rocky cliffs dotting blue seas. These are the places that form part of my future. I am as certain of that as I can be of memories and the present.

Isn't it fabulous when time stretches in a continuous arc around you, and you can nip in and out of the past and the future?