Monday, 18 June 2007


There is a tribe of women, a particular bunch of us, slowly growing in number and with a voice no longer a soft hum. Their positioning is a bit murky. Confusion defines the mindset. Yet all along, these are women easily identifiable - you have only got to look.

A readiness to smile, and talk - really talk. They are open and forthright, unassuming and blunt.

They are travelling round the world, often "alone". But they also locate a temple in parts of even Wales and wistfully recount how the ruins of an abbey looked in dappled sunlight.

They are strong in purpose, curiously stubborn, yet they remain gentle and soothing - feminine to the core.

They can talk "boy speak" and "chill out" - perhaps, with a lit cigarette and even the occasional drink (or two!). But then you mention heartbreak and you still see the pain, somewhere, behind smiling eyes...

I know some of these women. From small towns and pigtails, they have defied all expectations and chosen to lead their own lives, on their own terms. Some of them are spectacularly successful, all of them are achievers. And yet, no one really knows them. For how can you define someone who won't fit in nicely in one of your predefined slots. But next time you suspect you've just seen one, look for the signs ... you could just be meeting, one of us ... :)