Thursday, 13 December 2007


They fought until they were tired. He then said, I have nothing left to say to you.

He turned and walked away, but threw over his shoulder, Don't forget to set the alarm...I have a flight to catch.

And she muttered, Yes I know. I still have your goddamn suitcase to pack.

Hey hon!

I watched you that day through the lens of my camera. You were whistling a tune I could not hear.

You didn't know I was there of course, you didn't even know me. You were kicking little stones on the gravel path as you walked, occassionally side stepping a puddle - although your jeans were dusty and frayed and you didn't look like the kind of guy that cared.

My kind of guy, I mean.

Unspoken conversations were lingering in my head. I could tell you all you asked me. And if you didn't, I would tell you anyway. I would watch for a sign you were growing impatient. And then change the topic, just like that, hoping you wouldn't notice how urgent I had been.

Just a day more, I would tell myself. Then I will change my world. Get a life.

And till then, let me stand by my magazine stand, old seller exasperated for he knows I only pretend to browse.

It's safer this way. If I peek and don't enter, I don't get hurt.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Foggy nights, old lights

When I was a different me, and they were different them, we danced together one magical evening.

One of us had turned cook, and I sampled ten dishes made from the same three ingredients. All ingenously different.

The other was talkative that night, and had us all laughing. In the two years I had known him, he had never spoken that much.

I forgot I had been crying that evening because everything was so wrong in my tiny world, put on a worn out song, and pranced giggling around the dining table.

I am listening to the same song right now. We are happier I guess, but somehow, I can't help but feel a little jealous of the me that had been.