Thursday, 13 December 2007


They fought until they were tired. He then said, I have nothing left to say to you.

He turned and walked away, but threw over his shoulder, Don't forget to set the alarm...I have a flight to catch.

And she muttered, Yes I know. I still have your goddamn suitcase to pack.


Uptown Girl said...

:). Something everyone can relate to at some point or the other...

prasoon jaiswal said...

Is this 'love' ? or may be u just are being sarcastic ? well I think the latter. Its strange how the society and 'norms' tend to crush the female into her own world in which she just suffocates till she has completely lost herself. I believe ppl no longer have the freedom to 'choose' or even do what they want, and once they are into some relationship as a consequence of marriage, it virtually becomes impossible for the sufferer to escape ! There's no way out. its weird but alas true.