Friday, 11 November 2011

Sometimes, I have these wtf-am-I-doing moments, about life and the way things are. I suppose we all do.

The thing is, I don't know why I should bother, given I have never really known. My wants have always been specific, short term and greedy. Some highs have been really high, some losses - well, I am still recovering from at least one of them.

What I feel smug about though, are experiences. Make that Experiences.

I don't even care where these stack up against even my own standards (sometimes I irritate myself by being extremely straightlaced) because these are the only things I really have. The only things I have earned: each mistake, each false step, each time I did something right.

And that's what I'll treasure. All the ups and downs and dramas and meltdowns. The things I still can't quite believe happened!

Here's hoping the rollercoaster never ends.


Dee said...

I love your blog. You certainly have a way with words. By the way, your not alone, I also have many wtf am I doing moments... LoL. I'll have to visit you again.

Cari said...

Your blog is amazing, even the title conveys a strong, talented writer with deep, philosophical, interesting things to say.
Cari x

Unknown said...

Great post! And you are certainly NOT alone in the WTF moments!!

Richa said...

This is the first time i read you and I'm definitely coming back!! Your writing strongly conveys and connects life's myriad shades.

Frank John Li said...

Ophelia. What a lovely name. You remind me so much of Hamlet's Ophelia. Your graceful words hurt me as I imagine the pains of life upon poor Ophelia's shoulders.

Your wtf moments, their just like the same of Hamlet's indecision. To be or not to be, to sleep, to die, to enter an endless dream. I too share your moments, moments where I lay in bed, or sit in the park and a sudden shock hits me. A punch of confusion. Where am I? What am I doing? Suddenly I doubt everything I've ever done, every thought, every desire.

Life is less then a roller-coaster. Roller coasters have structure, they have rules. They weave and turn, go up and down but that is it. But in life there is no such constraint. To live is to free fall. The realization me and you get, the wtf moments, those are the moments we remember were falling.

Your words are beautiful to me. I glad I found your blog clicking randomly. Please continue.

The Gardener In A Green Dress said...

To live for the adventure is the only way. Have you read journalist Ernie Pyle's account of the blitzkrieg? I believe he felt that was an Experience.

picture said...
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