Tuesday, 23 February 2010

This time, I didn't really have much to say. I therefore decided to write a rambling little post about nothing at all.

Well, not exactly nothing.

P and I took ourselves to Puri on a two day break from things. This is the most alone time I have spent with P, although we have been friends all our lives. It was fun walking around on the beach, visiting the temple, eating and generally being silly. A lot of heart to hearts happened, but we never seemed to indulge in gossip, which is great. It is amazing how we seem to have so much to discuss, always, about ourselves.

Back to Kolkata meant back to teaching, rushing around and other odds and ends.

A new wardrobe has been purchased. This has led to many happy hours organising it and feeling a bit like I did back in schooldays when I kept the bedroom super organised and efficiently tidy. I must have been a very dull child indeed.

The bookfair happened, where amidst much dust and aggressive book lovers, I came back triumphant with a very strange assortment of favourites, old and new: Enid Blyton, Asterix, Alexander, Alice Munro and Agatha Christie have kept me company over the last week.

Some new things ought to shape up soon enough and I feel hopeful about what the coming months have to offer. Till then, I am jittery about CAT, what The Students will do, tax refunds, open tickets and terribly long to-do lists.

I suppose, the most interesting and unusual thing has been visiting a rather obscure engineering college and meeting a really good bunch of kids. Quite a departure from the yuppie variety, they seemed more innocent and likeable than the wise-ass youngsters I sometimes meet. These are the times when I realise, teaching can be an incredibly fulfilling profession. Truly, feel-good factor wise, I cannot complain what this stint has enabled me to experience. Feels funny to wake up and actually look forward to going to "work" and no anxiety at all!

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