Friday, 4 December 2009

I have often wondered about the things I have blogged about. All I was certain of when I started writing it, was that the entries ought to be quite short.

Given my general lack of strong views about anything, it is but natural that I don't get on a soap box through Quills. I do write about my life occasionally, but not as I would in a journal.

I think - I have turned it into a semi-effective kaleidoscope. Of things I feel, moods I battle, sudden realisations and dramatic declarations. Sometimes, when life starts chugging along, I talk about the telly, or a book. Often, conversations or a day dream, or insomnia, lead to some post or the other.

I perhaps lack the means or the nerve to attempt humour, or sentiment. It sickens me to read maudlin stuff, so the latter is always risky. And I do crack the best jokes only when I am deeply uncomfortable.

This brings me to basically realise, I have been splashing my feet all this while. Whereas the real fun is in jumping right in.

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