Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A city welcomes me back

with a very bright, very blue sky

with the exact same temperature I like air conditioners to be switched on at

with shops that now sport short summery clothes instead of earthy warm winterwear.

And then I catch myself looking at the nearby Skoda showroom and thinking of a red Octavia thousands of miles away. Or the sweetcorn in a highstreet supermart and bhutta pora at Golf Green every other day. And my new flatmates' panipuri in Walthamstow even as some other friends meet at VP for phuchka, chaat and gossip.

Is it just me, or is everything really all blurry and bittersweet these days?


Jit Shankar Banerjee said...

oh.so you have one.

Bogged said...

I just stumbled upon your blog! I have the same feeling for fuchka....I found out that they sell fuchka (6 for 1 pound) at Harrow....but lacks the taste...on a summer evening...I would go out with friends...start with fuchka from just inside Lord's bakery...go ahead and buy bhutta with loads of lime from the opposite end of the street...and finally a sprite or something!Now I made do with just the thoughts in Newington Green!

Sayantan said...

hey ,, quite a comparison. but whats best is how you write. you do dot the i's and cross the T's..:-)

ike said...
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