Sunday, 1 February 2009


the snow is five inches thick. And it snows on still.
I cowered when I stepped out first, blinking against snowflakes falling into my eyes. But then decided, why not! A Japanese girl and I took turns, photographing each other on the snow-lined platform, I used my right foot to etch I (heart) S on a white platform edge. Then I reached the movie hall, ten minutes too late.
On screen, two hours of conversation and an oppressive tension grew. The denouement, when it came, was predictable, but still made me cringe.
Trains crawled, ours decided not to move at all.
A chatty cab ride, double the fare, stranded cars: the heaviest snowfall London has seen in ten (or was it fifteen?) years.
An adventure on a special night. Parts of it may have been less comfortable than the others.
What really made me uncomfortable though, was the colour of the sky. A bright glowing red it is, at midnight too! The colour skies are when aliens attack in your dreams.
I am back home and jittery, everything is still glowing (white) under the strange red light.

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Bogged said...

I was out that night....thought that was all of the snow I could get! It was around 2A.M. and still snowing but I had no idea what was in store for me. I made balls and was happy enough to try out my skating skills from younger days which were of course not on snow but polished concrete! Next morning, I get up and open the curtain to see the white. I couldn't stay inside a bit longer! I think I forgot to brush that day! lol!