Thursday, 1 January 2009

The mother of all fresh clean starts

The first day of a new year always fills me with joy and hope. It's a bit like the feeling I get when I sit down to write in a new notebook, only magnified and more solemn. Back in Calcutta, I would stay up alone till midnight, watching the countdown on DD. Just before the clock struck 12, I'd wake my mother, so that we could scream Happy New Year!! together. Then my grandmom would groggily and invariably ask "Toper aoaj shuntey peyechish?" Somehow, she refused to believe that the canons fired up somewhere near Kidderpore could not possibly be heard in Southern Avenue, no matter how quiet the night (which in any case, it wasn't).

Compare that to last night! My 28 years have seen a lot of change, indeed. I am still recovering from all the excitement. S got high, and the club we went to saw him take on a group of guys roughly twice his size (each). He managed to display his usual cunning when it comes to being street smart, and emerged unscathed, even managing to flush one of their cell phones down the toilet. All the while, I - being undrunk and increasingly hyper - kept fearing a massive bloodbath. Ah well, everyone seems to have recovered now - in body and spirit. I am almost there myself...

I should probably round up my thoughts for the year gone by at some stage. And pen down some of my hopes for the year ahead, to make them more official if you will!

2008 was a bad year for me and my loved ones at many levels. Yet, I have reason to gloat. For one, my housekeeping, sense of direction, and the ability to be rude when necessary have improved drastically. Small joys, but if you have ever tortured yourself with how best to say no, you would rejoice too. I seem to have rid myself of what held me back. A job that did not quite make sense, constantly doing what I should as opposed to what I wanted to, was perhaps more draining than I realised. I would recommend this temporary state of affairs to many who are where I was a mere few months back.

Family and friends are all basically okay, and as nutty as ever. I have hopes for S's career to really take off this year. I also have a pet project - to get the ancestral flat (house would have sounded so much more grandiose!) back to its former glory after several years of neglect.

There are bound to be some rough bumps ahead. But this, now, is good too.

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