Sunday, 28 October 2007

If wishes were horses

This month saw me behaving most peculiarly. Snapshots from two glorious weeks in India:

J and I atop camels in Jaisalmer, J arguing furiously with the locals who now demand more than what we had previously agreed thinking, does he really have the upper hand when he is sitting on top of their camel in the middle of the desert?

Astrologer in Mount Abu who predicts two marriages, one affair with a married man and two children for me. This could be warded off through wearing an opal though.

M and his friends jamming at midnight. Sounds of the Beatles and many more well loved songs filling the air. Feeling wistful and not knowing exactly why.

Ashtami morning at Maddox Square, bejewelled ladies in splendid silk sarees. Me in a dusty blue kurta from Fab India, minus even my customary earrings, desperately asking friends where I might be able to buy a pressure cooker.

Nabami evening at N's house, loving the Lau ghonto, surprised to discover the sour taste wasn't intentional. The whole family hunting for antacids afterwards.

Taking bends at 180 kmph at 4 in the morning on deserted roads in Kolkata where I am literally jolted out of the blues that have gripped me for the last one year.

At some point I made a wish to an invisible shooting star. As it turns out, I got exceptionally lucky that day.


Nimo said...
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The Analyst said...

There is this song which initiates the movie "My Best Friend's Wedding", called "Wishin' and Hopin'". Avoid the lyrics, and just listen to the music. Your post reminds me of that music.